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Welcome to DreamEmpire Voices, your premier destination for professional voiceover services. With a team of talented voice artists and cutting-edge recording technology, we bring your words to life with clarity, emotion, and authenticity.

Whether you need captivating voiceover work for books, commercials, video games, e-learning modules, or any other project, we have you covered. Our diverse roster of voice actors encompasses a wide range of styles and accents. We also provide English and Spanish narrators, ensuring the perfect match for your unique needs.

At DreamEmpire Voices, we understand the power of voice to captivate audiences and convey your message effectively. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your vision, providing personalized attention and delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Explore our portfolio, request a quote, and discover how our voices can elevate your next project to new heights. Let us be the voice behind your success.



Are you a talented narrator looking to join the DreamEmpire Voices team?

We'd love to hear from you! Submit your demo for consideration today. At DreamEmpire Voices, we salute diversity and value your unique talent and offer exciting opportunities across many genres including audiobooks, commercials, podcast intros, jingles, e-learning modules, and more.

By submitting your demo, you'll gain access to a diverse range of projects and join a supportive, collaborative environment.

Our team provides personalized attention, coaching, and learning opportunities through our partner www.DreamEmpireAcademy.com, and valuable feedback to help you excel in your career.

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Or, are you a newbie who wants to learn more about the industry? Hold off on your submission and register for our next Breaking Into Voiceover Course and get the tools and skills to get your career underway, by becoming a DreamEmpire Certified Voice Talent.

Do you already have Voiceover Experience and access to a studio? If so, you are ready to shine as a DreamEmpire Voice Talent? Upload your demo now and let your voice be heard.

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Joyce Licorish

Meet Our CEO

Joyce's Client's Include

Meet Joyce Licorish, a 6-time Amazon Bestselling Author and the CEO of DreamEmpire Voices, DreamEmpire Films, and the Founder of the One Race Human Race Foundation. Her literary success began in 2017 with the release of 'The Forgotten Timepiece'. Besides her writing prowess, Joyce is a talented singer, actress, and renowned voiceover coach and recording artist. Under her leadership, DreamEmpire Voices has narrated over 100 projects across genres, available on Amazon/ACX. With a rich background as a performer and director in major touring stageplays, including 'Oprah's Color Purple the Musical', and three bestselling Sci-Fi titles and a Children's book to her credit, Joyce Licorish continues to inspire and create, leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Discover more about her journey at www.JoyceLicorish.info

  • Nickelodeon
  • WTLC FM / Radio 1
  • HP Printers
  • Subway
  • Over 100 Authors and

Several Publishing Companies!

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Rainbow Books
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Voiceover Styles

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We pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliver what the author is looking for regarding the style of delivery. This is done by having an initial consultation to determine the age/ethnicity and other key factors about your characters and whether or not each will be voiced uniquely as a character or if the delivery will be done with one narrator's voice or a combination of the options only uniquely voicing certain characters. Even the narrator's voice style can be selected by the author. Reference the link below for samples of our work and our culturally diverse talent pool.

Our Talent Database


How do you want to bring your story to life?




Fully Voiced Narration

Fully-Voiced Reading (solo narration)A fully-voiced reading is probably the most commonly recognized style of reading. This is a style in which all of the characters are vocalized in a dramatic fashion or in a way that makes the characters distinguishable from one another.

Partially voiced narration

A partially-voiced reading is one where the voiced production (usually done by one narrator) focuses on giving certain characters a distinguishable voice – most commonly the protagonists or any character who has a distinctive voice in the narration. This could be a great option if you have many characters – in which putting on a voice for every single character could become a bit complex – so instead you select only certain characters to be voiced differently from one another. Remember that characters do not need to sound dramatically different from one another.

Genres best suited for this style of narration: General fiction, Action, Mystery, Fantasy.

SOLO NARRATION (Unvoiced reading)

Despite the name – this style of narration is not silent. In this reading style, the narrator reads the story in a natural, more straightforward tone. There are no changes in voice for different characters. The story is told in the narrator’s voice and the whole book is usually voiced by one voice actor. This is the best option if you are looking for a more natural sounding narration. Generally, an unvoiced reading, without any vocal dramatizations, is great for works in which you would like to adopt a more serious, or entertaining tone, without the dramatics. In certain genres, too many characters can be distracting.

Audio Books Concept
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The ACX Audio Submission Requirements List is long and daunting. We at DreamEmpire Voices Ensure you pass the criteria.

ACX Requirements List:

Audiobooks uploaded to ACX must adhere to the following requirements. The ACX Quality Assurance team may reject titles that do not meet these standards, and their retail release may be delayed. The following requirements help ensure customers get a great listen.Your submitted audiobook must:

  • be consistent in overall sound and formatting
  • include opening and closing credits
  • be comprised of all mono or all stereo files
  • include a retail audio sample that is between one and five minutes long
  • Each uploaded audio file must:contain only one chapter/section per file, with the section header read aloud
  • each section must have a running time no longer than 120 minutes
  • each section must have room tone at the beginning and end and be free of extraneous sounds
  • each sound file must measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS and have -3dB peak values and a maximum -60dB noise floorbe a 192kbps or higher MP3, Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at 44.1 kHz.
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Let me take the guesswork out of whether or not your audiobook will pass ACX Requirements!



Here what Our Customer's have to say ...

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picture books:

$199.00 Special for children's titles 32 pages or less.


are priced by word count/length of book with a $199 minimum.

pricing is as follows:

.02 Cents Per Word solo narration (Solo voiced)

.03 CENTS PER WORD multi-voiceD by A SINGLE naRRaTOR (1 person doing multiple CHAracTer VOICES)

.03 Cents per word Duo Narration (2 Narrators)

each additional voice adds .01 cent per word across entire manuscript due to additional mastering required by our sound engineer

Audiobook Pricing

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Radio Commercial Voice-Over Rates

Radio broadcast commercial voice-over rates take in to consideration the area or market where the voice-over will be heard and the length of time the usage is granted.

These rates are for either a 30 or 60-second radio commercial voice-over.

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broadcast (TV or radio)

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non- broadcast

(websites/social media)

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e-Learning Voice-Over Rates

e-Learning voice-over rates are based on word count and include editing and saving several individual files.

The per-word e-learning voice-over rate for non-union voice actors ranges from .20 cents (for basic scripts) to .35 cents (for technical scripts) per word for up to 50,000 words. If over 50,000 words, the bulk rate may be as low as .15 cents per word.

Since e-learning usually involves saving out hundreds or even thousands of individual files, an additional per-file cost of $2 is applied.

Here's the voice-over rate formula for quoting your e-learning project:



Total Word Count x $0.25 = e-Learning Recording Fee

# of files saved x $2 = File Split Fee

e-Learning Recording Fee + File Split Fee = e-Learning Quote

Welcome to DreamEmpire Voices, your premier choice for a culturally diverse voice casting agency! We specialize in top-notch audiobook narration and captivating commercials. Based in Georgia, our office and studio provide the perfect creative space for bringing your projects to life.


Voiceover agency

Voice casting agency

Audiobook narration


Culturally diverse

Georgia studio

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E-learning at home

Phone IVR & On-Hold Message


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Phone IVR & On-Hold Message Voice-Over Rates

Phone IVR and on-hold messaging voice-over rates start with a $150 minimum project fee and are usually based on word count or total length.



Up to 300 words = $250

Up to 1,000 words = $500

Up to 2,500 words = $750

Up to 4,500 words = $1,000

Up to 6,000 words = $1,250

Up to 30 Minutes = $950

Up to 40 Minutes = $1,250

Above 40 Minutes = $0.20 per word

Talking on the Phone
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Video game


Men playing video games
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Man Playing Video Game on Computer

Video Game Voice-Over Rates

Video game voice-over rates are billed per hour with a 2-hour minimum.



2 hour-long session minimum = $600

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Getting Started

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Getting started is easy:

1. Schedule 1:1 Consultation to discuss your audiobook.

LINK TO SCHEDULE: www.calendly.com/dreamempire

2. Make a 50% Deposit.

3. Get on the Production Schedule.

4. Audiobook files delivered within 30 business days of receipt of your manuscript and deposit for books under 30k words or 60 days for books 30k words+.

5. Pay balance upon satisfaction with your files.

6. Upload your files to your ACX.com account or select our upload service. ($50)

7. After ACX approval your title goes live on AMAZON!

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  • Learning the Voiceover Business 4 Day Class $199
  • COACHING & MENTORING (priced as needed)
  • Book Marketing and other publishing services. For info visit www.DreamempirePublishing.com
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